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"Your pre-license real estate education should do more for you than just cram enough information to get you to pass the test. It should give you a foundation to help you through out a successful career!"

  • There is more to pre-license education that just preparing to pass the test. Real Estate is a complex and highly dynamic industry with many potential pitfalls not only for you, but for your client as well. That is why it is important for potential and current real estate agents to learn effectively and quickly in order to succeed in today's market.
  • Crossed Arrows Services, LLC - Wyoming Real Estate School strives to provide a foundation in Real Estate knowledge; to teach the student what is needed to pass the National and State Exam and beyond.
  • We offer convenient times and locations to attend class. We believe that the information should be understood by a student, not just to memorize facts for a test, but to help the future Real Estate Agent throughout their career.
  • We use a combination of case, lecture and discussion methods in order to ensure that students retain the information for their duration as a Real Estate Agent.
  • We are licensed through the Wyoming Department of Education and the Classroom and ONLINE Pre-License courses are accepted by the Wyoming Real Estate Commission.
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