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How to get Licensed as a Real Estate Agent in Wyoming



Never Licensed Before:


If  you have never been licensed as a real estate agent before you are going to need to take Salesperson I, Salesperson II and Wyoming Law. You will then need to schedule your National and State Exam through

Pearson Vue. You will also need to have filled out an application with the Wyoming Real Estate Commission as well as have your finger prints taken and turned into the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI).


Depending on where you are located, many different police departments will take fingerprints for you and then you can just mail them or drop them off to DCI.


Another requirement is that your application be signed by a Responsible Broker. You also must have proof of errors and omissions insurance. Sometimes the Responsible Brokers will take care of this or you may have to cover the cost yourself. It just depends on what you set up with your new Broker.


Salespersons upgrading to Associate Broker or Responsible Broker:


For those that are actively licensed in Wyoming as  a Salesperson for at least 2 of the past four years, you can upgrade your license to an Associate Broker license or Responsible Broker License. This is done by attending Broker I, Broker II and Wyoming Law. For those wanting the Responsible Broker License they must also take an eight hour Broker Management Course. The National and State Broker Exam must be scheduled and pass through Pearson Vue again a application from the Wyoming Real Estate Commission must be completed along with a new set of fingerprints sent to DCI. Proof of errors and omissions insurance is also required to be submitted with the application.


Licensed in another state and coming to Wyoming:


If you are licensed in another state as a Real Estate Agent and have been actively two out of the past four years you may be able to take Salesperson II and Wyoming Law or Broker II and Wyoming Law. The you would take either the Wyoming Salesperson Test or the Wyoming Broker Test. This all depends on the license you are intending on obtaining. The best thing to do is contact the Wyoming Real Estate Commission and speak with them directly to be sure you are taking the appropriate course.


If you have any questions or concerns about the requirement you are advised to Read Chapter 1 of the Wyoming Real Estate Commission Rules and Regulations or call them directly for clarification.

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